Now you can book your own Berths in Trains soon

Now you can book your own Berths in Trains soon

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has asked Railway officials to enable a system, wherein any rail passenger can view vacant seats, and then choose the one which he or she desires.

This would be based on the airlines model.

An unnamed Rail official said, “Just like airlines,
Railways is planning to enable passengers to see the status of seats by making the reservation charts public.”

As per reports coming in, the vacant berths would be colored differently so that the passenger can make an informed decision.

This is a possible process:

  • Passenger logs into IRCTC website/app to book a ticket.
  • While completing the transaction, a new window will pop-up wherein the passenger can view all vacant seats in a train, based on coaches. Hence, vacant seats in coach B1, coach B2 and so on.
  • Depending on the preferences, the passenger can book a berth, and confirm it.
  • Note here, that lower berths would be still reserved for senior citizens and women, under this new system.

Another option can be, that once the ticket has been booked, the passenger can use the PNR number to select the best berth, by opening a dedicated portal meant for this facility. This is again, based on airlines’ current system.

Selection Shall Be Free

Unlike airlines, which charge extra for selecting the best seats, this facility to choose berth in trains shall be free as of now……..Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz